Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Utah Utes!

Kate & I Saturday night at the Utah game. So it began with the Sweet Life. An awesome bakery that used to exist in Fashion Island where Katie worked, and therefore it would only be natural that I follow the pattern and at 13 years old, I would begin work there. I would go to work with my bright orange bikini underneath a t-shirt (see through) and get to take home goodies at night. The pattern followed to Spaghetti Factory, attending the U, becoming a Chi-O, and getting elected as an unknown college Freshman to the University's student council (ASUU), since everyone on campus either thought I was Katie (everyone thought we were twins) or recognized the name (as hers). She went on a mission, and I blame her absence for anything that I did those 18 months (not really, at all, it was all on me!!!). She returned and got married to a very cool guy that first attended BYU and then saw the light and came to University of Utah, I then ( actually the night of their reception) met Andy who was attending BYU and would later finish at University of Utah (although only later would I come to find out, he is still blue blooded, oops!), and that I would fall in love with a Mormon guy and get married too. We then would live in the very same Princton house as newlyweds, graduate and even walk together (just like the Creers), and leave graduation day to live in Newport (just like the Creers had done a year earlier). Creepy huh? It goes on and on...She is my big sister, and I follow her everywhere, she introduces me to everyone she knows, and she is awesome. Thanks for being my Utah fan buddy, too!


Katie said...

wow! Thanks for the tribute... If you ever leave Utah.. I just might have to will you back- and I love when you said the 18 months I was gone... what you did... was my fault! Ha Ha! I love you and seriously don't know what I would do without you! I will miss you while you are in AZ!!!

Bailey said...

What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful lady!! I have amazing sisters that I am so grateful for!!

Bailey said...

I am NOT Bailey. I am Megan.