Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Counsel of Prophets

This is a fantastic article from my friend Michelle over at blog Segullah. As I sit at the edge of my chair ready and waiting for the possibility of getting a job in case my husband is laid off (no we are not independently wealthy) and he is having to search, travel, and interview for work, I am tremendously grateful for my education and experience, even though right now, there is nothing I would rather do than be home with my kids. And I am so grateful that my husband has a fantastic education, work experience, and attitude to support me in hanging at home. I have always been grateful for the counsel of Prophets of my day that have encouraged everyone to obtain as much education as possible. I will insist the same of my children, as my parents (silently, by example) did of the 7 of us. And man, I wouldn't trade college life for anything (go Utes!) - it was awesome!

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Michelle said...

Thanks for your kind words-- glad to know you're reading. and yes, it's wonderful your parents set such a good example!