Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Sweet Tooth Fairy

Moi, Megan Faulkner Brown (the Sweet Tooth Fairy), and Kate

Moi, enjoying every morsel.

As Katie tells much more better here, Kate, mi Madre, and I travelled down to Provo on Saturday for a can't miss grand opening celebre of darling Megan Faulkner's dream shop The Sweet Tooth Fairy (it's south Provo, on University by Sam's Club). As you can see from the pictures on the STF website, Megan makes the absolutely most amazing cakes. And now I have tasted (cakes bites (as seen on Rachael Ray I had 2), an incredible cookie (I forget the name but the most chocolatey one) and an oreo cupcake (not all in one sitting, but within 36 hours). As a family and friends for Super Bowl Sunday we also sampled the Reese's cupcakes - Andy describes it as "moist" and good (even day old, since we painstakingly waited for after Sunday supper). And seeing Lauren Clayton (the sassiest kid in the Newport 1st ward when we were DINKS), the Faulkner kids, the littlest Everson (one of the 3 families I babysat for in my 6 times ever babysitting), and Sue Wynn's kids made Kate and I feel that much older and reminisce about working as young teens at the Sweet Life in Fashion Island and how when Megan opens a shop in SLC (we are hoping) how we would love to be behind the counter once again.


shel7by said...

TAMN form Seriously So Blessed sent me cookies from the sweet tooth fairy. They were AWESOME. You're lucky to know her. Cute packaging, too.

Katie said...

That was so fun... let's take the boys down soon!