Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sweet Tweets

My ultra-creative, great taste sister in law is celebrating her 1 year anniversary of her etsy shop Sweet Tweets and the 160 items she has sold there. I think it is awesome. I only try to be 1/2 as creative and mix and match fabrics as well as her (and I am still desperately working on it, which is why I mostly wear black and grey). She makes dolls like the darling one above (she's actually doing a giveaway on her site, if you are privy).

I am so lazy, I have taken pictures, she wore the dress to church, and a few days ago I was begging and loving each and every comment about the first dress I made for Penucle Sauce Jane last Saturday, but again...I am just too lazy to go get my camera, upload the photos, and 4 minutes later post them here. Sorry. Something to look forward to. It is really cute.

Goings on...Andy went surfing for 4 days last week...I nearly went crazy...tomorrow he is going to Cozumel (he flies into Cancun, it's an island off there I believe) and coming home Monday at midnight...maybe I'll take the kids to Disneyland, no that sounds awful, but I do like the idea of having them strapped in the car, and able to turn up the volume and drown them out when needed, and having something hanging over their heads they have to be on good behavior for, I know I am awful. It'll be great. I am expecting some good silver.

P.S. I have a new niece born today! Yea! Congratulations to Rachel and Ryan. I can't wait to meet her. XOXO


shel7by said...

that is adorable. i didn't realize it was trev. I just bought a cute bird shirt from her shop.

Ashley Park said...

wait.. are you really going to DL?

Ashley Park said...

Oh and I can't wait you see your first creation!! Very exciting!

Trevlyn said...

Thanks for the shout out and congratulations on the new babies! ;)

Sher Bear said...

Have fun in Newport (I know you will). We ran into Matt when we were there (I guess we just missed Andy). I also got to see little cute.