Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine Felt Fortune Cookies

This is the Valentine bag for Owen's class (on my post-breakfast unwiped kitchen table) containig a lollipop (extras from Holden's valentines) and hershey kisses. This morning I put them together during P's morning nap. This week we are back to two naps for little Miss P since she has been waking up all hours of the night and I am truly a believer in the "sleep begets sleep" idea for my kids. Anyhoo, I saw these darling felt fortune cookies on Tiffany's darling site here and went out within a few days for the materials and was attempting them hours later. The first attempts were kind of dire, I didn't have the right shape and the grosgrain to cover the wire wasn't really sticking. But a few days later I tried again and got the fold right and eventually tried using the extra felt (ends of the felt left when I cut out the circles) and it worked fabulously. Also, I made them smaller than I started out (4 inches were directed, I eyeballed a 2 inch circle).
Owen wrote the cute "fortunes" for his friends.

The morning mess of materials.

The fortune cookies. Honestly I don't know what the kids will think or do with them, but it was fun and Owen likes it (and Liz and Lacey will know what they are).


Liz said...

Okay, crafty momma, you are really putting the pressure on the rest of us. How cute are those? I especially love the handwritten fortunes. So cute! Where did you buy your small cellophane bags? Don't tell me I have to go to Expedex cause I don't wanna.

go boo boo said...


CK said...

very cute!

Katie said...

so cute! I am glad they turned out... I just bought the ones from the store and the babysitter put them together with them yesterday... yes, I am lazy.

Lacyface said...

I think you are going to win the most creative valentine prize this year. those are very cute.