Thursday, February 12, 2009

Capitol Visit

The South Side view. If I was photo savvy I would have an arrow pointing at our tiny little speck of the location of our house (I love that kind of stuff, especially flying out of SNA and when flying into SLA and they go far enough North to see Farm-town, etc.). The lamp-post on the left side of the screen is pretty much pointing to it (you can see the sunnier mountain side, which is where the "H" resides and there are no houses on the slope.
Owen took this picture, I really wanted the view, and no one else would pose with me, and the view didn't really translate, but here it is. The lions are awesome, P Jane was a little afraid.

The elevator was the first thing that really made their negative attitudes soar into awesomeness, they thought it was so great. It actually reminds me of the elevator we had at the Muir Beach Circle house (smaller and broken from "play", but totally seemed the same).

I laid on the floor to take this picture. The new murals are great and I tried to tell them the stories of each (the seagull history, the golden spike, etc.) they lost interest really quick.
Although things are in session, and we came across heavily securitized rooms (and very nice personnel who kept asking my kids if they wanted candy, very sweet and perfect for the kids!) we got to see the amazing Senate Room (where I more fully explained the law process, etc. which they later recalled a bit to tell Dad), and some other beautiful historical chill out rooms (very, very fancy), we ooohed the marble carvings and details, the busts of historic people (we only really recognized Lincoln), they loved the bell, and other facets of such a beautiful place. A workman even took time out to show us "the Queen" and "Yoda or the Tasmanian Devil", which are the markings in the marble that look like such things.
The South Side.
Owen really wanted this picture, of "you know, the Capitol" and I would reply, "but what part, we are in the Capitol"? I finally assumed he meant the dome he recognizes as the Capitol. Love him.

I am now seriously considering a D.C. for Holden's 8th birthday. He was quite enthralled about the whole thing and really dug it.


MarySue said...

Great photos and what an awesome outing you provided for the grands!!!

Susan S said...

What a great field trip! So fun and educational!

Katie said...

how fun! let's go together soon!

fourlittleloves said...

Ok, you are the cutest! I am soooo glad you made the fortune cookie Valentines!!!!!!! You did such a great job on them!! And I LOVE your pics from the capitol! How cool is that to have it so close to you! Your kids are getting so big!!!! My Elli just passed me up in height!! She is now 5'8 1/2"!!!!! Can I tell you how freaked out I am about that! She is only 13!! They grow beneath our noses and it happens in an instant! Thanks for reading my blog :o) YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Have a great night!!!
Love, Tiff