Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hot, Flat, & Crowded by Thomas L. Friedman

I am really enjoying this book. I like Friedman's thought, research, and studies including the 2006 The World is Flat of our lightening quick evolving international political, social, and economic changes. The title makes me cringe a little, but I took it up because I imagine Hinckley would have read it, or at least been familiar with it. It's getting really good. The studies and statistics on oil and the states that produce it and their relationship to democracy is fascinating. Basically if a state (such as Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Russia) produces oil, and the price is high, the country supplies its people with their needs (income, etc.) and since it doesn't ask anything of its people (taxes) it doesn't have to listen to them and they don't produce anything else, thus education, specialization, and growth doesn't happen. I just like to be reminded that everything needs balance. And I really want chickens. And a productive vegetable garden. And an avocado tree. I digress. And this week, in thinking about it, and continually striving for it (balance) in our life, this book brought that to light very well. Also, now when people ask me why Andy doesn't want anymore kids I am going to stay its because "he doesn't want to contribute to the carbon footprint that another child would incur". He is going to hate it. And I might even get another kid out of him just because he is so strongly opposed to this idea. What I also like are the references to the amazing articles and books available on the subjects of this book that most interest me.

Next on my list: The Black Swan and Outliers. I love all the socio-economic reading nowadays. This may be sacreligious but it beats Marx & Smith for entertainment anyday.

Speaking of balance. Hey did you read the newest Ensign yet? I love all the education guidance in there. Amazing. Evolving. Empowering.

Journal stuff: We had a great, tiring Saturday. 8:30 am Holden's soccer game at morningside elem (4000 S.). Rode the bike and P-sauce in the trailer there. It was very cold. Possibly too cold. I rode home without her in the trailer. The sun and warmth came out a few hours after my return home. Early nap (I am still sore and tired from snowboarding on Thursday. Seriously, it was amazing. I was charging the powder and fell head over heels a few times into the pow, but the soreness came later since it was just like falling into heaven at the time. And yes, we wear helmets), then Dad coached Owen's soccer game (he played Haley), and H went to a color me mine birthday party. Played around while the sun was warm. Owen and Dad practiced riding the two-wheeler to, around, and back from the park. Washed the car (it was a family affair, and it is really clean now, I just wish the kitchen was as clean now that we dumped all of the non-trashable junk from the car into the kitchen!). Took Caroline and Owen to a birthday party at the Children's Museum at Gateway. Cruised the Apple Store and the Fountain with the rest of Salt Lake City, went to dinner, came back to pick up the museum partiers. Home. Made my second batch of Amish bread (Marie's starter). Chillin' with the man watching rugby. Ready for reading and bedtime. Til tomorrow. Adieu.


Rachel said...

I heart your blog and you.

Mia told Isabel she didn't like her tonight. So I told her that she should love her sisters since they will be her best friends. I reminded her who I talk to on the phone every day...she said "Maama...Aunt Boo Boo!" and Megan too. But seriously, love you!

Liz said...

THANK YOU for being Caroline's ride to the birthday party. You are such a good friend - and a good blogger too. XOXO