Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Channeling the Beach

We are currently experiencing the serious extremes of a pretty typical Utah spring. It's all about "psych" as one at CDM would have said in 8th or 9th grade. Last weekend it was warmer than so. cal., almost 70's. Then a snowstorm hit, THE NEXT DAY. This winter has been a blur, and I was not at all excited about every snow flake in year's past, mostly and simply because we did not get season's passes this year to snowboard and/or ski with the boys. Sure, we've been twice (Andy has been a couple more times, but that is pathetic!) with the boys, but have pretty much given up on the season (sorry Snowbird). So, as I look outside realizing I will not be riding the Marin (15 years old and never had a tune-up, new tires, or been re-greased and still rocks by the way, which I cannot say for my 5 year old road bike or my 1 year old fully), it is a bitterly cold, snowstormy day, and I won't even walk to school (although the kids might, we are so mean!) I must channel the warmth and beauty and calm of the beach.


Rachel said...

Sorry about the sad weather.

Not to burst your bubble, but when I borrowed the Marin after I got married (01) and rode it twice:), we did a full tune-up. But that has been a long time... it is still a great bike:)

go boo boo said...

okay, thanks for the tune-up. update: I am going snowboarding tomorrow!!!