Sunday, March 22, 2009

Penelope's Birthday Weekend

Oh my gosh! Look at Weston! This was tonight with the Utah families celebrating Owen & P Jane's birthday with a yellow cake with Andy frosting and cherry chip with cherry frosting cake. Seriously though, look at Weston!

The fairy princess!!! Gotta love it!

Today playing with Amanda Jane. They are hilarious.

The first cake. It was good. Walnuts, dark chocolate chips, all homemade. The 5 of us pounded it.

The gear set-up that works (the helmet is not the new one, I thought this one was too small...oops!, I think she liked the boots with the extra height leverage).

We had a great Saturday birthday for P Jane. The weather was spring perfect. We went to the park 4 times to alternately fly Owen's birthday kite, play basketball, baseball, scooter, bike, look for a crazy lost neighborhood dog (we really tried, but couldn't catch it), and just play and enjoy the lovely weather (it is back to cold and was snowing/sleeting today, it even caused a 1/2 hour blackout during dinner). We had pink pancakes and opened presents in the morning. P Jane received from us - a micro mini scooter I couldn't wait to give her even though it's for 3+ and I bought it at Christmastime because she loves being on Owen's - they are awesome!, a helmet, which MUST be used while riding said scooter at all times (she's getting used to it), a vanity set ( a play hairdryer, mirror, brush, etc.), and a puzzle ball our neighbor has that I love. She received the darling princess fairy ensemble from the Jaggi's, a bather from the Bunches, and the drawing board from the Creers (we partied tonight with the Utah families after the Draper temple dedication). We actually had 3 cakes for the occasion and I am feeling it, even if Andy and I charged Dry Creek mountain biking yesterday (it was awesome even if everyone who has ever or started to mountain bike in the Salt Lake City area was there, for good reason, it was dry as a bone and even quite dusty!). I made it up the "rock garden" and even up the steep "S" part at the top of dry creek like never before! First timer of the season's luck I guess. On Peanut turning the big 2, I haven't even cried!


Katie said...

seriously, I am peeing my pants! Weston looks uhhh... hilarious, freaky, special?? I look freaky too!!! Priceless.

Kate Pettit said...

How fun! I love birthday's...may I requst your cake for my next looks divine!

Just was wondering if you could pass this info. along to any of your friends that live out our THANKS A MILLION!!

Rachel said...

The first thing I noticed was Weston. What the?!

Happy day P! Mia told me last night she misses all her cousins, "like Penela and the boys." She wants to move closer to them...and so do I!

Trevlyn said...

You guys know how to party! She's too cute on that scooter!