Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Loving Life

Bike ride. Down Newport Coast, north on PCH, west on Poppy, along Ocean, hello to Big and old home on Ocean, across Goldenrod footbridge (when did they get rid of the pole?), down 2nd to my absolutely favorite secret spot, through Irvine Terrace, around the park (yes, Sheri, the very same that we left the boys at after playing soccer, now I get it) across PCH to Granville, say hello to the old Balboa Bay Club tennis courts (those were the days, buying balls on the card, hitting hundreds over the fences), around Fashion Island, say hello to Pacific Life (ahhh, those were the days, loved it), say hello to Ryan, up San Joaquin Hills, hello to Lighthouse Lane house, oh the parties at that house, the ravine, love it, past the Lawn Bowling Tennis Courts, reminisce about more tennis lessons with Gerkin, crank it up Spyglass, say to self once again how we've got to bring the kids to the 'Harbor view' park at the top, wherein Mali took us hiking for the first time (I always thought that behind our Spyglass Hill houses was a dump, like a real take your trash to dump), slow it down so I don't pass out when I go into Starbucks to get my "victory" drink and ice water (no water bottle, but I would stop anyway). Talk to some strangers (but not to RW since I was too embarrassed about my diaper pant biking shorts and arm warmer gear to talk to anyone I haven't seen in 15 years), get back on the bike for the most incredible downhill ever. Take the golf course, Pelican Hill way around to elongate the downhill, pass the Villa, wave hello to the family, continue down to cool down through Crystal Cove, feel like I paved the way so that there would be a paved way since all those years I risked my life riding along PCH through Laguna and now there is a path all the way until El Morro, ride back and up Newport Coast drive, enter the villa, see Justin and Chase, get the boys and change into bather to make the 11am shuttle to the beach (10 minutes), see a whale spout then humpback then spout the humpback about 30 yards out, spend 3 hours scrutinizing the tide pools with Owen, watching Holden scream with joy getting crashed in the waves, after nap Penelope and Dad join us for another hour of discovery and rest (H & I). Get back, play human size checkers with H, rinse off in the hot tub, still have tar on our feet, shower, here I am, having shared leftover Wahoo's between O & Dad, fully content, but wanting to go snuggle my little newest niece in Irvine, and see my Mom, and the Phelps. The bike ride was duplicated on Monday and lots of swimming, Fashion Island dinner and shopping, and Balboa Island walk was had then. Here are some pics. There is my summary of the last two days. Sunday afternoon we arrived, saw baby Ellie, the California Stayner people came over and brought Sunday dinner, which was amazing. Sang Happy Birthday for Owen, premature, but a great excuse to get the LA people down right? Having a blast. Wish you were here.


Kate Pettit said...

All I can say is JEALOUS!!!! We sure miss you guys. Oh and I signed up to run the Top of Utah Marathon....do it with me!!??

Christie K said...

Sounds like a blast!