Sunday, April 26, 2009

Can you see the big horned sheep? Big horn sheep? Mountain goat?
The first descent. Shaffers. See the trail on the left side? Look above it and you will see more of the descending trail. There are 8-10 switchbacks, maybe more. I think the elevation drops 1200 in 2-3 miles. Getting back out of the canyon at the end was a solid 2 mile climb for 800 feet elevation gain (solid as in the steep hill doing dry creek to bobsled climb, intense! But awesome.
More of the road. The morning it had been snowing. First day was pretty cold, the night was freezing. Luckily, I had brought our 15 degree bertha bag so I was okay. The 2nd campsite was my favorite (Murphy Hogback). The 3rd day of riding was my favorite (Murphy Hogback to the incredible rock forest switchbacks and gnarly climb at Hardscrabble) full of rollers and great hiking (a great slot canyon climb, my first!), the black crack, and the ruins hike (I didn't quite make it to the ruins for fear of life and utter fear of heights). Our campsite was right on the Green River. We were entertained by two geese that seemed to be lost from their flock. We saw a big horn sheep lounging along the trail, in the rocks, totally camoflauged that I can't believe Suzi spotted it. On the Hardscrabble trail a few of us (not me) saw a small herd (6) of them scrambling up the impossibly steep and rocky mountain (just ahead of our truck coming down from the hike, we must have been looking at the seemingly road less steep drive.

The hike post and me being unbelievably tired.


Rachel said...

Wow...I had to make the picture bigger to see the sheep/goat. Looks really awesome.

My word verification says "hookie."

Chelsea Anne Lorimer said...

Annette you are the bomb!

MarySue said...

What an incredible feat. Congratulations doesn't seem enough. FANTASTIC FOR YOU.