Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Daily Writ

Poor AK has pneumonia. He is currently at home and hopefully the antibiotics will get it. Went to spin class at 6, came home and went back to bed. PJ and I started our morning off with a bike ride with Susie Q. Lots of hills (1700 S. to Wasatch to Donner Park to Sunnyside to Red Butte and down to the library with a wicked headwind). Story time at the library, we lasted about 10 minutes when I could sense the screams coming on in PJ's frustration about not finding gum in my purse. Walked to pick up O. Ate way too many M&Ms (totally AK's fault who was supposed to "rid" of them, I am having self control issues). Read some books with Owen, he read Amelia Bedelia & The Hungry Stranger to me. Amelia Bedelia is a funny book. Owen is a lot like her, very literal. Dad got home from the Doctor and picking up his car from the shop. H got home. Did a Stop N' Go run (Lorimers know what I am talking about, yogo). Decided to renew the Red Butte and possibly buy some Death Cab tickets (maybe I did and maybe I didn't shhhhhhh!). Walked around the Butte with Owen & PJ, beautiful, thousands of daffodils. Got home for breakfast dinner and to walk H to soccer, and saw the storm a comin'. Got very cold. Came home. Bathed the PJ. It's dark and windy and watching AI with the sick one and H. My favorite is Kris Allen by the way. Feeling a sore throat all day, oh deario. Going on Relief Gang visits. A day in the life.


Rachel said...

Poor AK! I am so sorry!!

Love your blog. Can't wait til I am getting enough sleep to go to spin. Love it.

MarySue said...

So much accomplished. I don't kow how you do it all!!! Hope and prayer health will reign soon.