Friday, May 15, 2009

May Update

The freckle man for Freckle Juice.
P Jane & Hannah

Basil & Parsley

The spinach & squash garden.

The tomato, lettuce, & corn garden.

Le Jardin dans les print temps. There was one yellow and one red tulip that I had to pull (to keep the blue/purple theme going people!)

PJ, Owen, Zach, Holden, Hannah

Healthy Lunch at Costco. Owen ate that whole piece of pizza too. Penelope kept asking for "coke" aka rootbeer.

Owen & Susie. And yes, he ate this sandwich before eating the pizza at Costco!


P Jane

I took a dream trip solo vacation to the Ritz Carlton Las Vegas for Mother's Day. It was selfish and indulgent and fabulous, thank you very much. Andy was home watching the kids, giving a talk on Sunday (with the EQ Presidency), and hosting the Kopayghora's (Liz' family) at home. The first half of May is a blur of park days, outdoors 50 meter pool swims, bike rides, a darling Kindergarten dance recital, soccer games, baseball games, zoo days, listening to Owen read me Amelia Bedelia books, reading Anna Karenina (halfway through and still going at it slowly), losing valuable ipod songs to ruthlessly endure AK's 80's music through training runs, spin classes, an all-women triathlon (in Vegas), oh, shopping there too, and going to a yogurt shop and dreaming of having Mojo's in Salt Lake soon (we've got the location Ryan!, well a couple of fantastic choices!), drawing blue freckles ala Freckle Juice for Holden's book report, AK going fishing and biking in the afternoons (I've got the morning training shift), hanging out with Liz and the gang, hanging out with Matt and the Yangs, celebrating Mom's birthday (today!) with breakfast with 4 siblings and their families, planting our flower and vegetable garden, watering the garden, mowing the lawn (I did it for the first time in like 10 years and probably 2nd time ever yesterday!), awaiting the Jaggi baby and totally slacking in going to see her, watching Owen draw amazing pictures, reading Holden's great writings, watching Penelope spaz out at me weening her off gum and coke (she had a rootbeer at Costco and calls it coke and is now obsessed!), getting all the night-time t.v. in (I vote for Kris Allen), getting into St. George marathon (I really didn't think I would get in), making a training schedule, signing up for summer triathlons and the Provo 1/2 marathon, getting into Spudman tri with Andy, and sleeping. Above are some random pics.


Christie K said...

Sounds like you had a great May!

Rachel said...

Fun! Just sorry we can't be there. Sure, PJ is obsessed with "root beer." Hey, Isabel likes Diet Coke too. "Coke."

Ashley Park said...

solo trip huh? I am crushed.