Monday, May 18, 2009

Ready for Summer!

Since the last week, we've been doing our summer, afternoon swim session at the outdoor Steiner pool. P Jane gets the most excited and quickly gets her suit as soon as we say the word "pool" and then she repeatedly sings it (she has been talking a lot more lately, which gives us a sigh of relief not to call on the experts, we are just so lazy, but I got some good tips from the pro Liz, and the songs, music, and lots more reading seem to be doing the trick). I have been able to do some laps and then join in the fun (Andy soon will be doing the same, once he really gets into gear training for Spudman - just 10 more weeks!) catching ball with the kids, dunking P Jane and trying to make her float, and racing Holden. Today was perfect. It was a little too hot for anything else (90 degrees!) and the pool was really warmed up and there were other kids for the kids to play with (or stare at and consider playing with at a later date). We got home to make zucchini, quesadillas, brocolli, and amazing oatmeal white chocolate chip cookies (thank me very much!). I actually took an hour or so this morning and really cleaned up the upstairs...I think that's why I must be so incredibly chipper!

P.S. Music to my ears - Owen is reading Pinkalicious to Penelope - I will miss our afternoon reading sessions when he is in First Grade next year!

P.P.S. - Andy good call on adding the chocolate-chocolate chips, the combination is out of this world (but we still have a 50/50 that is quickly dwinding). AK is off on a mountain bike is SUMMER! WooooHooooo!

P.P.P.S. - You've got to read NieNie! I just want to hug her and tell her how amazing she is (along with millions of others)! What a testimony! I got teary and it reminded me of Anna Karenina (when Kitty and Levin...around page 500...fate, patience, destiny, forgiveness, etc. still plugging along by the way, cursing the Jackson's for the top 10 challenge a little bit! but figure it's all down hill (or at least not 1,000 pages!) from here.

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