Friday, May 22, 2009

AP Update

I have an addendum to a previous post...I erroneously listed that I went to Las Vegas "solo" (in my head at the time, meaning no kids, spouse involved), I meant to say I had a fantastic, fun, and non-snoring companion in my darling good friend Ashley Park. We had a blast and I can't wait to do many more trips and triathlons with this "sexy lady" (as her gorgeous 3 year old son called her the other day). Thanks for coming Ashley! I love your guts! And I will never forget running through "hell" with you...and that great calamare (or "donut hole pasta" I thought it was!), and our sweet hotel, and avocado eggrolls, seeing Pete Rose (on your every visit!), shopping, FAO Schwartz, the spa, H & M, yogurtland, and our non-musical forever chatty drives. Vegas baby!


Ashley Park said...

you totally redeemed yourself! love YOUR guts.

Ashley Park said...

HAhahah, I just got the donut hole pasta joke! That's what they for serving fancy schmancy food. You forgot the mention the awesome suntan I came home with! Still hurts bytheway.