Monday, May 25, 2009

Fun Memorial Day Weekend

Despite having no idea we had no school on Friday (until the office called to have my Kindergartner picked up from the office who had been out of school for 1/2 hour! P & I were cruising around on the bike, went to library time, I was hitting the shower in complete relaxation, non-hurrying mode), so we had an extra fun day to fill! We hit the neighbor's garage sale and for about $3.50 took home a SpeedRacer remote control car, an NFL helmet game, an aquarium tank, a "snowboard", and a new "too tall" regulation basketball standard (okay, we paid a little more for that). We hit the Creer pool to swim on Friday morning, the boys spent all afternoon alternating between their new toys, and Grammy & Grandpa Knight came to town that night. We played and visited. Saturday morning I did an early morning 16-miler to the Capitol and then played with the kids while the other adults moved Tia Dori into her new Farm-town digs. We played at the Bunches and their neighbors were having a garage sale, so we hit that with $4 and got plenty of junk for our kids and the Bunches, heck of a deal! We played at Tia Dori's for a minute, saw her cute new home, and scared away a duck by the stream. Empanadas for lunch at the Argentine restaurant in Farm-Town that who-knows-how-it- survives! but we are glad it does. I am sure we napped (or at least P & I napped). Blahbityblah dinner at Mac Grill, church on Sunday, naps, visit to Heber to Aunt Christie at Uncle Brent and D.O.D. (Grandpa Al). The weather was lovely and we had a great time running around finding critters, trying to get the horses to feed, getting shocked by the electric fence (Linny & I), and getting the neighbors to saddle up their horse "Rocket" for a jaunt. Our little P loves, loves, loves horses (Maama!). As you can see, I got to ride with her and was dreaming of a new generation at the ranch, and the boys hopped on like it was no big thing. That was definitely a highlight. Today we plan to visit the graves (at 3 cemeteries in Salt Lake and 2 in the D.C.). Happy Memorial Day!


Rachel said...

I love the horse pictures with PJ and you! That is adorable...Mia would die to do that!!

Love you!

MarySue said...

We had such a great time with all of you. I'm so glad the horse pictures turned out so well. Love and kisses, Grammy