Friday, April 03, 2009

Happy Birthday AK

Today is Andy's 36th birthday. He is my surfing, snowboarding, politically active, hard working, daddying, garbage emptying, company car driving us everywhere, Cancun on the fly going, fly-fishing, oreo eating, Wahoo's loving, reluctant University of Utah graduate, Thunderbird have fun with Chip master graduate, longboard skateboarding, soccer coaching, baseball practicing, church going, man man & band of horses listening, Penelope snuggling, Owen giggling, Holden smarting, keeps me blushing Man. Eveything I ever wanted in my eternal companion and more! Disgustingly cheesy but true.

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Mandy said...

Happy Happy Birthdat Big Guy. Love ya from Oregon. And yes Annette you have it alright about Andy glad you have such a special friend and companion to live with for the eternities. 3