Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tri Today

As I am soooo impatiently waiting the final results of today's sprint tri at Salem, Ut, I found these aeriel shots of the race, which I thought were very cool. I do remember seeing a funny little place hovering (like an toy plane). It was a very fun race and extra fun to be with the Park's on Ashley's birthday.

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Pat said...

So I talked to my buddy (the serious racer) who actually did the same course as you. I asked him how much he thinks a (lighter) carbon bike would have saved you time wise. He told me it wouldn't have saved you anything.

If you want to cut your bike time, he said you need to ride in the aero position (a good set of aero bars will run you a couple hundred). That however will only be useful if you are consistently above 18mph (according to the super technical, mechanical engineer, iron man racing, gear-o-phile).

We should check out your gearing. My guess is that you've got an 8spd and probably a 12-26. I'd have to look though. I'm just saying - the Madone won't make you go faster, just look cooler.