Wednesday, August 19, 2009

P Jane

I just love my little Penelope! We have had a few occasions the last few weeks to be alone, out shopping, at home, snuggling, giggling, and I have realized (knock on wood) 1) her "terrible twos" are going away and 2) I now prefer to take her on errands than the boys. That is both boys. Both constantly snarling and fighting and tattling and name calling boys. Can you tell I am practically counting down the minutes until Tuesday morning at 8:45, well 8:30, when the boys head down the street to school? Oh if I were more patient and would actually look up a site to give me a countdown timer - I would. But I'd rather go on about it. Anyway, Penelope. Right now, we have just woken from our afternoon naps (I finished the latest Sophie Kinsella, I cried, they are all the same but still so endearingly clever!), and she is carrying around her naked baby (the real looking one that Emi gave us, and no I have still not dressed it!), which I love seeing her be so tender despite its heaviness. The other day while Andy took the boys to the BYU football practice (aargh, another story, another time) and infiltrated them with BYU t-shirts and balls and other propaganda (and no, I don't get the affinity either, he did not graduate from the BYU!) P Jane and I were doing errands, Post Office, bank for PTA, a little stroll through Foothill Village, then to REI, she toted her naked baby and occasionally left it oddly laying in an aisle (until a man saved her and sweetly offered the naked baby back to its obvious little owner). She loves trying on shoes, being particular about her outfit, loves bubblegum (my kids are convinced a. bubblegum wards off hunger and b. it is a food group), "running" like momma, and being just cute all around. I still have to keep her from falling in the pool during swim team practice, getting hit by Owen's tennis balls during practice, screaming, and hitting Amanda, but I see we are heading to a more mature, enjoyable, sweet, talkative phase of which even more adventure awaits. But thank goodness she still naps in the afternoon and goes to bed before 8!

Pictures from Holden and Weston cheering on the Tour of Utah riders today coming, if I can figure out how to download from my phone.
Thank you Mary Sue for the cute picture I poached today!


MarySue said...

I loved her kisses, gum sharing and running hugs. I miss her and those brothers already. Thanks for the wonderful visit. 3

Rachel said...

She is adorable! She was such a doll with Isabel and Mia. Can't wait to play with her again soon. Isn't it fun to have a girl!?

Good job with the boys Andy!!!

Trevlyn said...

What a lover! Girls rock!

D said...

I love my little Mini Me!! I think she needs to come play at Tia Dori's house soon!

Susan S said...

Love that PJ! She gives great kisses. I particularly like watching her run---reminds me of her mother!

Beka and Brandon said...

Heeeyyy I didnt know you had a blog! we'll miss you guys too...but everything for a good cause!
see ya