Saturday, November 14, 2009

Everything Week of November 9-14

Holden had a swim meet at Clearfield today (Bailey's Team Pool). It was a blast! He actually just hugged me and thanked me for taking him (ahhh!). For my benefit, he pretends like he despises every minute of swimming, yet I get plenty of "spy time" in and he enjoys it every bit. So when he actually admit how much he likes it to me, its like a 1million hugs bonus. You could tell he was swimming as fast as he could and he even said he loved swimming the 100 IM which he was so worried about!
What made it even more fantastic was that Bailey and Cameron were swimming too. It was Cameron's first meet (which actually helped Holden with his nerves in thinking, "well at least I have done this before". But Cameron swam like a pro, and I am pretty sure won at least one of her heats. I got to time a lane with the best partners ever (Pat, a friend from out team and her 15 year old niece from Nepal who has been in the country for 2 days! but you would never have known, her English understanding, speaking, and writing - she took down the times for part of the time, were better than mine! and my Mom also timed with me). We all talked and cheered on our lane and had a blast.
Andy, O, & PJ made a 20 minute appearance just enough to see Holden's great IM swim, then it was a little much with a great kiddie fun pool nearby and no bathing suits for them (I called to retrieve them, but they were too far from home).
We got home at 4pm and aside from a Costco trip, have been chilling and totally wiped out. Holden has been cuddling with his incentive (the 4th Diary of a Wimpy Kid book) that was promised for trying his best at all swim practices and the meet. I love that it started out being a trip to Boondocks, but he actually preferred and requested to get the book instead.
Otherwise, our week was pretty regular. I have been running almost every morning, and although very cold (in the low-30's on Friday) it has been a blast having buddies to go with (CW & HWT). And we are all looking forward to ski season. I get to sign up H for the school ski program this week!
We tried Cettebello's this week and it was almost as good as Humble Pie (I think we liked the variety of Humble Pie better) but super good. It seriously makes me want a wood burning stove to make these fantastic pizzas in. Oh, and the gelato was the best I have had in a long time (like almost as good as the old Gelato Classico in CDM. I will go again anytime.
Andy got to go to PJ's dance on Wednesday and Josh happened to be there too. It was great. PJ definitely performed for Dad and the have been practicing Rainbows ever since. The three of us went to Macaroni Grill for lunch after and the CEO of Mac Grill was there. The Manager (AK's buddy due to all the business he does there) was all excited, and we were stoked for him.
I know this is random and trite for y'all but right now, while I neglect the camera, and ignore your interests, this truly is a journal entry so that I can remember my life for more than 2 seconds.
While I am remembering, we attending our schools' PTA Reflections Night, due to O's literary entry, which was also his first computer typed book. It was great and I think inspired both boys. O is now asking for "real art stuff" for Christmas. He was mentioning oil pastels and "real" paint today. Oh boy. I am not so sure about any kind of paint (I only do watercolors in the house!).
I went to tennis stroke clinic on Friday (I have been playing with 3 other girls' weekly now for a few months). It was humbling, yet again, but great fun to play with other adults. It really is just like when we were kids, but more people in the lessons so less time picking up the balls (and that crazy ball sweeper machine to make it even easier!). I plan to do it weekly, so if anyone wants to join me...
One more, Andy worked Vernal on Monday, which allows him to stay over (its 3-4 hours away) and Dutch John, which just happens to be on the Green River, is just a short drive away. So, he got to fly-fish his guts out (I think he caught a couple dozen each day, and completely got his fill. He caught his biggest rainbow yet, a whopping 24 incher. He has another "meeting" there on Monday, so I guess he will just have to bring his gear (definitely a major reason he got the company car with AWD and the good racks for the box to hold his gear, which will soon include snowboard gear for those lunchtime "breaks").
I know this is random and trite for y'all but right now, while I neglect the camera, and ignore your interests, this truly is a journal entry so that I can remember my life for more than 2 seconds. And remember, I want to gag too, this only includes the good stuff (no bill, job, behavior worries, no spousal bickerings, etc. for you!).

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