Sunday, December 20, 2009

Good Grandparents

Can't you tell how much my kids love their Maama and Baamps (pronounce "bomps", aka "Sir Baamps a Lot"). Since the Stayner Grandparents are off the California for Christmas, they popped in for a pre-Christmas fete of traditional gifts and some underdone fettuccine. We love them so.

The Phoenix Grandparents are equally loved and missed at this time. I blame most of my overweight at this season (and anytime we are in Phoenix) on Steve (unbeknownst to him, and unworthily as it is really due to my complete lack of self control) as he is the King of good, quality, and surely fattening treats. True to form, he has sent us a huge box of mints I simply cannot resist.

We love the grandparents are their special, loving relationship with the kids. We love their faith and example too.

I had to add this story Owen wrote recently that I just looked down and saw (it was typed out, but he hasn't learned to save it yet, so here goes, unedited):

"About Grandparents

I stayed with my grandparents for three days and this is how is was. Ok, for breakfast we had Lucky Charms, and then I went to school with my brother and we had recess. Then I went to my class and we read from our book boxes and then we did pledge and then calendar and then poems and I got a new poem to put in my folder. My petry folder and then at the end of the year we would take all of our poems home and we could read them at the time when it's night time before we go to sleep for our bedtime and then after poems, we did a project for Santa and we colored it. We went to lunch. I had school lunch because I always do that get school lunch and then went to recess and then math then recess and then we went home and when we got home we watched TV because me and my brother didn't have any homework. I didn't have any because I turned my homework into my teacher.

I played Wii with my brother and then my Dad and Mom got home and now I'm writing a book and I have a Santa hat."

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Rachel said...

Thanks for the nice comments about us. We are blessed to have wonderful children and grands! We enjoyed our evening-for-Christmas very much. Love, Mom