Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ski Video 12.30.09

Throughout the month of January, all of Utah's ski resorts are offering amazing deals to first time skiers, including lessons. For a $13 lift ticket, $13 rental, & $13 lesson, you can ski Snowbird, the Canyons, and more. Pretty amazing stuff. I am hoping that the 4 lesson package at Alta will work for telemark lessons. Most are for Utah residents only. Go here to check it out. Alta's package is for kids too (4 and up).

P.S. The boys remarked as well, it doesn't look like they are going that fast, but trust me, when you follow them and see their little legs splaying to keep the ski together at what seems like was too fast (I am constantly yelling "big turn" to slow them down), they are definitely going faster than it seems.

Bob Marley's 'Rebel Hop' is the song.


MarySue said...

This is soooooo great. My first time skiing :) Love and kisses to all. Boys, you are great skiers and Andy is tops at skiing and filming.

Rachel said...

Love this. The girls and I watched it and they were so stoked to see the boys.