Monday, January 25, 2010

Seriously Great Site

Yes, a dog water safety vest, you know, just in case.

The Barcelona Chair & FootStool

She's done it again, that darling Caitlin and her design research left me gawking over modern furniture that I hope to have in my home someday and then I found they had adorable dog beds, dog toys, collars, leashes, and an hour later, here I am. Can you say total dog crazy person.

If the three of you hurry she is giving away a $75 gift certificate for the aforementioned site on her site linked above and at left. Tell her (and me) your favorite thing.

Still hack coughing away, like ridiculous, I can't even laugh without a coughing fit (which of course happens like 35 times a day). Otherwise, in the swing of things, still a little much of RG, PTA, & JL, but I know I will miss all the busyness of community service one day right, oh yeah, hopefully I will be able to continue forever. And the kids...O & I attended the junior high open house (he has been begging to go and so excited about the free dinner for at least once a day for a week!), pretty snazzy stuff. Love the library and its incredible city view, the auditorium is amazing and seriously nicer (and bigger) than the U's, the gym floor's floor is light and beautiful and I kind of want those floors in my home. H did his thing at swim team, and PJ and I snuggled and watched funny newfoundland youtube videos. Good afternoon times.


Trevlyn said...

Great dog goodies! Sorry about your cough! I'm just getting past it ~ nasty stuff!

Susan S said...

Hope you feel better. Did you see Caitlin on TV yesterday? Fabulous! See you soon.