Sunday, September 19, 2010

Grateful Sunday

PJ's nursery project from today. And yes, she is totally fake smiling and obliging me with this photo in between scarfing her Cap'n Crunch post-Church pre-Dinner snack.

Inspired yet again by Leslie (thanks Leslie!), it's been awhile, but this week has been almost perfect so I would be remiss if I wasn't thankful (and yes, I have already written about it in my journal!).

1. 4, count 'em, 4 amazing bike rides this week with dear, darling friends and one with my honey AK. 2 mountain rides (Mormon Trail with Audrey and Short Ribs with AK) and 2 road, (Emigration & Corner Bakery lunch with SP and Porcupine Loop with 7 of the Tri-girls).

2. Holden started and loves playing the violin. Owen wrote and amazing poem and scored a soccer goal yesterday. PJ went to dance all by herself and did great, which is actually bittersweet because I loved watching those little ladies.

3. Two fantastic dates with my honey AK and awesome friends new and "old" (Farm-town crew).

4. Javi is better. One day she had flu-like symptoms that lasted about 24 hours and made me realize how much I love that fur ball. This was the big blip in the week, otherwise it would've been perfect, poor Javi.

5. A great school and fantastic teachers for my kids, and no real PTA responsibility this year so I actually went to the classrooms for back to school night.

6. A great Sabbath, wherein #1 I made it to all my meetings, and #2 learned a lot and loved every minute.

7. Fun times with the family, and family extended - like watching the Creer boys and mine play football tonight, so great! And knowing Robert G. passed the Utah bar exam, yeah!

8. No major meltdowns, temper tantrums, gnarly fighting, etc. and that's just from me!

9. Grateful for good friends, and patience and love from my family and Heavenly Father.

10. I actually served my family at least 3 awesome home cooked meals, and even made one! I just started a weekly dinner swap with 3 other Moms and I loved cooking again (it's been a while aside from grilled cheese and pasta).

So here's to another week.


Trevlyn said...

Sounds divine! I totally want to start a dinner do you work it?

go boo boo said...

We make our one meal (times 3, actually we've scaled it back to about 2 full recipes since we reported we each had tons of leftovers (too much!). And we deliver it, and pick up the other two at a central location on Tuesday after school, so we have Monday to shop and through Tuesday to prepare. It is just the main course, so salads/veggies/dessert you are on your own. We think 3 is perfect for us, for now. I will let you know how it continues on... Real Simple magazine actually had a great guideline to do it recently.