Monday, September 13, 2010

Javi (pronounced Haw-vee) the Dog

A man and his Newfoundland.
The girls.
The morning walker of Javi.
11 months (we have had her for 8 or so) and still growing. We think she will get wider rather than taller at this point. She was washed and groomed after this picture, and she looks beautiful.

As I began gathering pictures of this post, Javi was doing her "I need to go out" posture by the door. I asked O to let him out and as he was, she ditched him to go visit her friends. So annoying, but thanks to O and his fearless grabbing of her fur (anywhere we can get her) we got her back quickly. We do love her so, except when she plays this runaway game!

2nd update - Dang it, I was on the phone and walking about watering the plants and I noticed Javi pee'd (within the last hour!) on my new rug, aaargh! It's jute and will never get out, little booger. Oh we love her!

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Trevlyn said...

She's such a lover!