Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week #3 Meatloaf

Week #2 - 'Keeping Up Cookbook' Corner Bakery Chicken Salad & Croissants (Yummy, but I still think Aunt Terry's is the best, and I haven't received a recipe from her yet!)
Week #3 - Pioneer Woman Meatloaf

We had this great extra meat from Caputo's and made simple meat and potatoes on Sunday, and it gave me the hankering to make Meat Loaf. The Man, the Myth, the Legend, Laird Hamilton had facebook posted his favorite meatloaf within the last week or so and I couldn't find it. Ash P supposedly has a fantastic recipe, but I couldn't get it from her. I settled into Pioneer Woman and couldn't get past those fantastic photos and so chose her recipe. Here is my journey of meatloaf pictures. And since we ate it last night, I failed to get a finished product shot, oops. I would say it was 7 stars out of 10 for me, but although I hankered for it, I am not really a meatloaf girl. The bacon was a bit much, although it was "more" than most recipes, in that I like the parsley and cheese and white bread mixed. Also, it was cake to make, even multiplying by three. Oh yes, and I would have baked it on the broiler pan, but I didn't have three of them... So, I had to cook it for at least a half hour longer (AK took over as I headed to scouts). Okay, pictures, as promised.

4.5 pounds of 85% ground beef (per Laird's suggestion, the 85% part), 12 slices white bread soaked in heavy cream and milk (I didn't have whole milk), 8 eggs, 2 cups parm cheese, flat leaf Italian parsley (always), salt, salt seasoning & pepper.
My man hands, AK kindly took the picture. Gross, but fun. Very clean hands, well, before this photo moment, and I even took off my wedding ring (and put it on AK's pinky for safe keeping).
3 pans of meatloaf.
Layering the bacon. Since I couldn't really wrap the bacon, I did it lengthwise, get the gist. So instead of 10 slices per loaf, I think I used 6ish.

The sauce, wherein 1/3 got smothered now, 1/3 45minutes into cooking time, and 1/3 for dipping. No finished product for you, but I did have a little slice for lunch, and it was good. There is a recipe at all recipes that has like a million good reviews which I may try next time. But this was simple and meaty and fatty and good, and isn't that what Meatloaf is all about?


the conleys said...

looks DELISH!!!!!!!

Becky said...

I love P-Dub! I love her pictures, too, and her yummy recipes.