Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Play Date

What great little sharers.  They have been together since about 10:30am, it is now 3:12 and I just heard a little arguing...all is quiet now, phew.  We really have had a most delightful play date.  The girls have played patient with Dr. Javi (the dog) who was terribly unprofessional as to begging for tummy rubs in the middle of the patient visit.  But I thought her remedy of slobbery kisses and cuddles worked fine.  Tea Party, Mommy & Sister (a favorite), lots of dot pictures, T.V. time interspersed (notably while sucking on fingers and tugging at blankets), piano time, and whatever it is they are playing now.  No naps, which is very rare in this household but with 4 lbs. of play dough made (school science project, I have green, food-coloring stained hands to prove it), dinner prepped and ready to cook, laundry, dishes done and re-done and re-done again (and admittedly a few waiting to be done), thoughts of a nap, planning, piano practice (yes, me, John Thompson's First Grade book, thank you very much), we have kept busy today.  I think before the round of kids' afternoon of classes, homework, practice, I may just take that "rest" now.


Rachel said...

Javi is the horse. Sounds like a typical day around here. Isabel could join right in. Miss you!!

Anonymous said...

MSK SAID:Phew, a rest is well deserved. I think I miss those days.