Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring Break 2011

 Having fun!
 Seconds before Amanda "stepped" in the water.  We played in these same koi ponds as children (and tried to catch them). The ponds have been remodeled over time, but always in the same spot, outside of The Red Balloon and outside of the former Sears or JC Penney building (circa 1980 and definitely not since!). 
 Racing to Russo's
 Wahoo's Fashion Island
 My favorite part of this photo is these are all cousins (and one friend the Creer's brought!)
 I was walking the girls over to the north jetty to view the starfish and Mia and Isabel started screaming "starfish, starfish!" and they had found a starfish in the sand, a little baby, and probably a little lost...we'd like to think we rescued it...
 S the surfer boy.  He just strapped on and took off, successfully standing up for the longest of all the kids (which were all given a try with Matt's expert tutelage). 
My little bunny.


Trevlyn said...

Spring Break with cousins in California...can't get much better than that! Now for summer vacation...a dose of the Phoenix cousins, I hope!

Rachel said...

We had so much fun!!!

Christie K said...

Looks like fun! I vote for PA cousins for Summer vacation!

the conleys said...

look at that little girl and her darling bum in the roxy sweatshirt!!!!! goodness she is darling.

such fun photos! makes me wanna rock fashion island right now.. and maybe a wahoo's fish enchilada.