Thursday, April 14, 2011

Late Winter Photo Catch-Up

 We caught the Jimmermania too.  Shots taken at BYU Fieldhouse.  Seriously, we had the best time and think we are so clever!
 Catching air at PJ and Meg's combined birthday celebration at Bouncin' Off the Walls

The birthday bash line-up.

It wasn't me, although I have threatened (only once!).

New birthday bike, so excited!

My favorite part of this photo is skinny pants O and the Creer and Knight kids playing basketball somewhat peacefully.

Inaugural bike ride (I love papa Bear behind her)
Andy's birthday celebration!
Spend quite a few days at Children's Museum.  This visit with Amanda, post-dance.

Race Swami Juniors.

SC State Swim Meet "resting"


Rachel said...

Love them all!!!

the conleys said...

all great photos! such great adventures. esp love PJ in the kennel :) haha

love you guys!