Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Escapism for the Soul

 O's Spring Music Performance
 SCP Glass Elevator

Uhm, it just seems like yesterday, but it really was just a month ago when we were at the beach.  We just couldn't resist another trip, so we pulled the kids away from school (all important testing/work has been done) and headed for another week.  When I wasn't pulling my hair out, or trying to pull out a child's hair (or just brush it!!!), we hit the pools, watched really big waves, played at the ocean, tried shopping (not really a hit with the kids), went to Wahoo's, enjoyed an exclusively Trader Joe's stocked kitchen, & played with the Aunt Cici, Uncle Ryan, & the cousins.  In the end, we were all happy we made the trip.  Oh and Andy was working, so he wasn't really with us except the drive (and a date-night trip to Mastro's).   And of course, my camera's battery died as I took my 2nd giant wave day shot. 

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msk said: Looks like a really fun vacation. Glad it was so nice.