Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Break Update 2011

 I didn't know where to start, so I just started when I finally was able to re-charge my camera (by buying a new recharger!).  I do have pictures from our funnest summer ever of SL Swim & Tennis swim team, Grand Tetons trip, first day of school, and more since last May, but it's a little overwhelming so I start with today.  This past week was fall break aka "UEA" whatever that is, which meant we had Wednesday through Friday no school (and the previous week half days 3 of the days, October is kind of a joke as far as school goes!).  We planned a California trip but due to AK's last minute meeting in our backyard next week (Stein Ericksen) we stayed put and were sent to another Deer Valley resort (AK was in Vegas) and enjoyed a super plush hotel and the spectacular fall display of color and refreshing briskness.  But obviously, we spent quite a bit of our 3 days at and in the pool.  Andy joined us Thursday night and late afternoon Friday we returned home (30 minutes away) and enjoyed our annual Pumpkin Patch outing with our fabulous friends the Taylor's (7th annual, maybe even 8th?).  Here's a smattering of photos to enjoy and get a sense and hopefully someday soon I will learn the ability to post photos "appropriately".  In the end, we really are alive and quite well.  xoxo

What a brother!
Morning Walk (check out the frost on the bench!)
S'mores.  At the time we were the only family in residence, and since we were such an anomaly a nice foreign couple asked to take a picture of us - like with their camera...and then I asked for one of my own.
Thursday night S'mores with AK.

PJ doin' work!
The Knights
The Taylors

The Knight boys


MarySue said...

Wonderful to see updated photos of all your darlings. Looks like this was a fun, fun vacation. Love, Grammy

Becky said...

These pictures are great! And I am jealous of your trip, even if it was close to home.

Eisha said...

fall looks amazing over there! O- to carve a pumpkin for Halloween instead of planting spring flowers! There's a thought!