Thursday, May 16, 2013


I don't even know where to re-start.  I was initially looking for easy to access baby Holden photos for his 6th grade promotion slide show and am having the best time reading up on our fun past.  I decided to do a grateful post.

1.  I am grateful to be 20 days from giving birth (scheduled C-section, so I really do know the date) to bebe Graham, our fourth (and final?).

2.  I am grateful to challenges, especially when we come out better in the end, or at least knowing we can survive what appears to be the worst thing ever and still have faith and all that.

3.  Three fun, healthy, independent, socially adept, helpful (mostly), brilliant (of course), kids who make me grateful and humbled to be entrusted with their care, everyday!

4.  For my darling, hard working, brilliant, helpful, generous, and handsome husband.

5.  Good books, because right now I can barely walk, let alone do anything else.  A few pages left of 'Paris' by Edward Rutherfurd.

So long, but hopefully it won't be...


Eisha said...

Love your blog! Congrats on number 4!

Anonymous said...

I love you, your grateful heart and precious family. msk