Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bel Canto thoughts

I just finished Bel Canto and I think it was the longest 318 pages I have ever read. A bit unbelievable at times, but a great picture lingers in my mind of the home of the VP and the resulting relationships. I love Ann Patchett's 'About the Book' stuff at the end - just what I love to get a little more from the book and its author. I look forward to adding a little bit of Opera to my life and possibly reading more of her works.

Today, a Stake Conference sabbath, was the longest in history. We made it through 2 hours of 'go to the temple' talks well and then settled into naps and TV time. I watched over last nights Olympics that I tivo'd, a little bit of the 'Coupling' marathon, and finished the aforementioned book. The kids were going crazy and driving me nuts, they have been playing outside - AK managed to get Owen to wear a coat! I made a roast that is the first of mine which turned out decent. I think I figured out that I usually overcook them? Any good recipes/roast tips would be appreciated. I also made the majorly chocolate Ghiradelli brownies - too much cocoa! I am going to pay for it by having to drink Leek Soup for the next two days per the previously read 'French Women Don't Get Fat'. As if I had that much self control! Also a fun but unnecessary read - I kept the book as a recipe book though. I tried the boiled leek thing and it didn't quite work - I think I'd rather drink a chicken stock?

Pics were taken by Tia Dori this weekend at the Beacon Heights park. They are sitting on Arizona giving props to their grandparents who reside there. We are excited to head to the smoldering state next month for spring training. Thank you Dori, we love you tons!

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Rachel said...

I read Bel Canto too. It was unbelivable, but I also had a vivid picture of everything which was cool.

Cute boys as always!