Tuesday, February 14, 2006

First Hike of the Year

So bored...so this morning I went on my walk starting up 2100 S and I kept going above Wasatch, went across S... Drive towards the H. And proceeded across the mountain until I reached the Blaine/French Mansion side of the Foothills and back to the pavement. It was short but good and just that little bit extra that may make the difference in my workout ;). So, watched Kate's kids this morning, and O. H's friend came over to deliver his Valentine to H and decided to stay - they have watched Wallace & Grommit and are now watching Sesame Street. I have no desire to make an effort - to productively entertain them, to clean my house, to do an exercise video, I watched last nights Olympics. I was blown away by the Russian pair's 2004 fall, I could hardly watch it. I think the women's half pipe was great - they are pretty incredible. I think the women's sport has grown a lot in 4 years. I would like to try the half pipe someday - there was a cool looking one at the Canyons. It would probably kick my trash, but whatever. Okay, so I just unloaded the dishwasher, and I am really full, from having some whole wheat pasta for an afternoon lunch. Yuck! At least I walked this morning.

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Rachel said...

You make me laugh. For the record, I was not making fun of Ford. I loved and at times miss my Exploder. I will explain later. Love your blog!