Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bode, Bode, Bode...Ligety!

I was so sad when Bode was dq'd for splitting the gate...I still am. But I quit watching and AK woke me up (we Tivo it and watch later) and tried to tell me how exciting it was...I got that Ligety won and I knew he was from Park City, so was excited, but I also got that Bode starting dating the women's US slalom lady...that I made up in a dream I guess? I saw the papers this morning and read all about the Ligety and was stoked the sheep farmer from Austria who thinks he is so humble and cool, whatever, you are just so jealous that Spyder isn't all over you, okay they may be, but have I heard of you? Anyway, did I tell you I can't stand Bob Costas. I have loathed the man who makes up stupid nicknames and thinks he is so serious and funny, since the 2002 Salt Lake games, ugh. So onto the men's short program - oh my gosh! I was dying to have my sister Rachel with me to watch the US guy from the Runway show where they make clothes and get voted off, I had no idea he could do triple sow-cows! Johnny Weirdo, is what AK affectionately calls him. Dude, Puphspleunktor from Russia kicked your trash. I am loving the Olympics. Especially since watching American Idol last night was so unbearably hard. AK was loving it though? It finally snowed today, no walk, but I am begging to have a 'day off' to go snowboarding. I am such a brat. I think that because it hadn't snowed, that's why I was so bummed out yesterday.


Rachel said...

Project Runway and Johhny Weirdo is hilarious. I wanted to pee my pants in his little story about how he was was and wasn't going to change for the skating world. Um, hello? I think he fits perfectly in the skating world as a man in tights. Whatever dude. I knew the results before the combined downhill and was too tired to see it. Just glad that Bode didn't make a fuss and let the dude glory.

Leslie said...

we love project runway and is it just us, or are the men's skaters getting more and more flaming as the years go on. we can't even watch it, it's not worth the lost sleep. thank heavens for DVR!