Thursday, February 16, 2006

Perfect Powder Sled Day

Holden and I both woke up at 3 this morning, thinking it was 10 in the morning our house was so full of light of the 1-2 feet of powdering snow moonlight reflection. He saying, "I'm done sleeping Mom". We snuggled back into bed and fitfully fell back to sleep. We awoke to Dad spending 1/2 hour undigging his car to faithfully go to work, although I was dying for him to cop out so I could hit it. What made it worse was that on the treacherous way to H's preschool the sun came out and everything was spectacularly shining in the afterglow of a perfect snow storm and the beginning of a perfect riding day. I couldn't convince Katie to take O for the day, and likewise she didn't convince me to take her 3 boys, so we headed to sled at Sugarhouse park with Laura. I think her 9 or so month old Abigail was the most excited of the kids. Kate, Harrison, and I "laid down some tracks" and everyone had a roaring good time. O got warmed up and as Mom was getting weary of the short but deep hikes back up the hill, O was just getting starting and kept wanting to go. It was best when we would hit new powder beyond our tracks and O thought people were throwing snowballs at him. He was an incredible hiker back up the mountains, and he even wore his snow boots! And his snow coat! And his snow pants! 2/3 for the first time this season! Funny mad dog! At one point Samuel was crying and saying "doggie", which we think was referring to O, whom we affectionaly call Mad Dog, who must've thrown a snowball or snarled at Samuel. They really do love each other. So fun, and hopefully we can head there this evening with H & Daddy. Laura took pics so I will post as soon as I can get them. I hope you had a fun snow day too!

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