Saturday, February 18, 2006

Seth and his "little beard" & Poor Pretty Lindsay

So, Owen & I were watching the snowboarder cross finals, and he saw the Seth story and he said "Mom he has a little beard" and thought the little beard was soooo funny. He saw him again today (I watch everything a day later) when his g-friend won the gold and he laughed again.
I accidentally saw the front page of the paper at breakfast so I knew what Jacobellis did and was so heart broken for her. She is definitely taking it in stride with her calm composure because that was pretty embarrassing and disappointing. Replay after replay it is just so tragic. But at least she got the silver and should come back. Maybe she does want to get on with her life, it sort of sounded like, although she is only 20!
Seth was awesome. Snowboarder cross would be something I would've wanted to do in my youth, but so goes for the CA bred girl. Lindsay is great, but she says some funny things, like, that people are just starting to recognize women in sports? I think that is what VISA has been telling her, that got her head a little fat. But, the women are getting better for sure.
Back to the men's skate - I am with Leslie, I couldn't handle it anymore! I could handle Plushenko, who I was surprised was married to a girl last year, but that was it. I couldn't handle the Weir pout anymore, and I think his missing swan friend was what made his short program exciting.

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