Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bluebird Day!

Had another great boarding day today. It was amidst a sparking blue sky, good, if a little corny snow, which softened in the mid-day sun, and lots of old timers skiing, and swell. Thank you to my fab babysitters Kate & Andy!

On the Grammy's - sad for Gwen. She is an amazingly beautiful pregnant woman. I wish we could've seen her on stage, getting an award, not so much doing the hooch dance harajuku thing. I liked Coldplay's froppy head number, and Kanye's band geek gig. I will admit, since I rock out to her songs, that I was stoked for Kelly Clarkson. Fun, fun! I am excited to see the end of Grey's that I missed last week - due to Super Bowl/Tivo cut off. Blah, blah, off to the kiddie park!

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Rachel said...

We were stoked for Kelly, but thought she should've thanked us because we did vote for her and love her!