Friday, February 10, 2006

Morning Rottweiler

Okay, the Office was hilarious - I kept having to pause Tivo so I could laugh and not miss the girl that likes Ryan talk and tall, 'normal' guy who's in love with receptionist, try to sneak out of the room - conversation. And I can't believe how dumb the Mgr.'s boss is - that she did that at the end. I can't believe I can't remember anyone's name right now. And I loved seeing the end of Grey's - I wasn't sure how that would work out since it was showing the same time as The Office and The OC, but it worked out perfectly since it ran over into ER. My sister Rachel had already given me the play by play, so it was just like seeing it over again. She is the TV play by play master.

Oh well, so to the rott story. I am cruising down 17th South, on the return of my morning walk along Wasatch and I see this wandering Rottweiler in my path ahead. At first I am wary and think of turning back up the hill, but see he hasn't started chasing me yet, and I proceed. I get past the Rott and he hasn't attacked me, so I do the most idiotic thing imaginable and I think, okay he's got tags, maybe I can take him back to his owners so he doesn't get run over on a very busy morning Foothill Blvd. So I let him smell my gloved hand and think 'what an idiot I am, he's going to smell my cat on me and bite my hand off'. He sniffs, but not too much, and I try again, and then I idiotically reach for his tag under his chin, and then the wicked snap and...I didn't mean to cut this off, but blog did it, so then, luckily I was wearing my morning walk gloves or else there would have been teeth marks and broken skin. So I skedaddled away, looking over my shoulder twice, even once when I was across Foothill, and thought 'to h-e-double hockey stick to that dog! I hope he gets picked up at the pound to teach his owners a lesson not to neglect the fencing of this ungrateful and unfriendly mutt. AK couldn't believe I even tried to help the Rottweiler, I know, I know... So now I really just want a little dog, like a shitzhu, cute, still goes on little walks, but doesn't have a scary, mean bark and doesn't bite!


Katieandboys said...

And then what happened?

Go Boo Boo said...

Sorry about that - I am having issues posting, but it is suspenseful??? I edited and finished the story, hopefully it will post?