Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My name is Madre

This is my darling family, in our darling home, at Christmas time. We live in Salt Lake City, Utah and we love to ski Alta and snowboard Snowbird. But this season we have been mostly to The Canyons since we ski there for free since I work at Norda's for Chip. H (4) has taken two lessons at Alta this season and loves it. Next year we will get both boys up and going. My gorgeous husband AK loves to fly-fish as well. He is happy to be back in a sales job that allows him long lunches and early evenings to enjoy his favorite past-time. When I figure it out I will post some pics, since we are quite charming.

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Katieandboys said...

Is this a resume? I love you boo boo and love having you close- and you know I will watch your kids anytime (with in reason... hee hee!) Love, Katie