Tuesday, February 07, 2006

This rocks...jumping on the bandwagon

This is just way too easy, thank you for the heads up Rachel and Matt! Samuel & Owen are watching Nemo and I am getting ready to do some internet clothes shopping, unbeknownst to AK! It is a beautiful clear day, and you think you want to get out and head to the park, but it is freezing. I can't think of anything interesting at all. Namaste.

This is really great. So I am reading Bel Canto, and its quite interesting. Its getting a little long and unbelievable, but it makes me want to play piano again. Anyone know of a cheap piano for sale? Okay, really cheap, because I just bought new snowboarding boots, I need spring clothes for me and the boys, and summer with all of its mountain bike possibilities is just around the corner. I will stick to borrowing a piano for now. The Taylors and Bunches have one I can reconnect with the middle C's and F sharps, that's like all I remember.

Also, The Greatest Generation is great, a little repetitive, but important and makes you appreciate your grand-parents and WWII veterans more. AK has a few amazing grand-pa's with piloting experience in WWII. Papa Ben has left us, but Al or D.O. is still kicking it in S. Jordan and has great stories and memorabilia/photos of his days in HI and elsewhere. They are amazing men and women, the WWII veterans. I am sad to see them literally dying away, as I see at least 3 in the Salt Lake obituaries everyday. Gotta go pick up H from Pre-school. Love, Boo


Rachel said...

I love it! Go Boo Boo! That's great. I read Bel Canto when I was preggers and reading every second and it was good. Interesting. I just finished Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister which was better than Wicked, but his writing is horrible. Love you!

Susan Stayner said...

Loved it. I felt the same reading Bel Canto! And I am still looking for a piano. Megan and John's cost about $250 I believe.