Friday, February 16, 2007

Andy's in Mexico Surfing

AK is in Mexico surfing with the Barton, quarterly surf trip gang (he makes it semi-annually). He bought this very cool board in San Diego. I am glad but nervous because he wants to "share" it with a Stayner, and as most of you may know, we don't treat our things well, let alone other's things! It's something to be said of Dad teaching us not to covet and stuff like that but seriously, we probably all know what happened to the last board Andy had in a Stayner's possession. Also, another lesson I have yet to learn about forgiving and FORGETTING. No offense un-named Stayner, I love you, but I am your sister. Anywhoo, here I sit wallowing only a little that it is snowing here, I am white as a ghost, big as a sumo, and my darling husband is surfing in Mexico. It is what I always dreamed, no seriously, I always wanted a surfing, sporty, & smart husband and I totally got it. I am glad he can enjoy something while I am waddling about. I actually am really sad the snow season is soooo bad that he's only been snowboarding twice this year! I think he'll be going next week with Parker Jones, which Holden is very excited about too. Today is Holden's discovery day, where I bring in clever things to talk about him in his Kindergarten class. Unfortunately with the basement remodel I had misplaced all of the photos I had ordered for this occasion, but I found some randoms and made a very plain posterboard. He is really a star. Owen has been on a punching and hitting kick which is driving me insane! I keep telling him I am going to chop off his arms like Ammon, and I know that is not cool! Oh yeah, we set the C-section date for March 21 at 5 pm. It is Jen VandenNakker's birthday as well as the first day of spring! We'll have two birthday's in one week (with O's on the 17th) which may be crazy, but fun!

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