Thursday, February 01, 2007

Kudos Kathy & Tyson - You made this cool!

Thanks to our totally cute cousins Kathy & Tyson, it seems since they started blogging, our family has really got on board - they totally made it cool (Rach, JoJo/Bob, & I just weren't too interesting/cool for them!). Its great, except our silly internet provider decided to randomly drop us (we are paid up I swear, it's a switching phone company thing) and I have been without my email for 36 hours and it was kind of nerve racking. I caught up on some lame t.v. in the meantime. The boys are sleeping, AK is out playing basketball, and its snowing (yeah!), its a beautiful night! Random. So almost a year ago I invited some friends to see my blog (Mollie Flint-Rosing, Alli, Lorian, CT, etc.) and CT thought it was fun, but the rest were like - so what is this blog thing? I felt like Steve Jobs or something, and stunned that they had no clue what this was. I love reading up on our daily events, even Rachel's random friends (not Leslie, I know her, but like the other people I have no clue who you are, but I think you are fun and great). Its like our own People Magazine or something. Okay I just took some Robotussin DM (for my gnarly cough) and I think its kickin' in. Can you tell?

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Tyson, Kathy, and Landon said...

Haha, glad we could help. We love this blogging thing, so fun, even though some people think we're dorks for doing it. It's definitely the most fun way to keep updated on everyone's daily life. I think everyone should have a blog!