Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ladies Snowboard/Ski Camp Anyone?

We are about halfway through summer and I am already thinking about the upcoming winter season! Well, I think we have decided to get the kids in a weekly ski camp at Snowbird (early bird special) and get a family season pass there as well. My new motto, well not so new, is that we live here so we have to sacrifice and take advantage. What I am sacrificing? Not so sure yet, maybe a winter wardrobe, but whatever it takes, I am stoked to get snowboarding and to get both boys skiing! Note, I have not been for more than a year due to darling and way worth it Pe, so I am jonesing for it! BTW, maybe our little family hike today up at Alta finally pushed me over the edge. We have some great photos from the hike, and once we find the camera cord we will show you. We have some great ones of a bull moose they call "Bullwinkle" one of the few males they routinely see up there. We were about 15 feet away, a little scary. It was just chillin', scratching its huge antlers on some low branches, right off the very family friendly Cecret Lake Trail, with 7 photographers snapping photos. When we returned home we all crashed at about 4 and woke up at about 7, so we are in for a long evening! Pe is still asleep so we may also be up for a long night.


Christie K said...

Jonesing for it? I hope you guys have a great winter and that you don't have to sacrifice too much!! Love to all.

Rachel said...

That was a great post with many sweet Boo-words. I would LOVE to come ski this winter since I haven't been (this is sad) since BEFORE MY MISSION! Yikes! That is, OH MY, 9 years. Let's do this!!