Thursday, July 12, 2007

Reunion Photos

Gorgeous H
The Grands. Note O is doing his "I need my medicine" eyes.
The boys and their baby girls in their twinner dresses (thanks Kate!). Ryan looks 12.
The almost entire fam damily, sans the Matt Stayner gang. Can you believe we all fit peacefully in a 14,000 sf mans? Yes, I can too! Read more about the reunion here and here.


Christie K said...

I love that picture of your parents and all th gradkids. I would have it blown up huge and on a wall. How cute can you get?

Rachel said...

I just love the one of H. Can't get enough of it! And O with the're killing me! Come play with Aunt CiCi soon!! MISS YOU TOO MUCH

Trevlyn said...

Gorgeous family! The mansion doesn't look so bad either!!!

MarySue said...

What wonderful photos. You are a dynamic family. I hope you have memories to cherish forever.