Sunday, July 15, 2007

Our Great Week

Annette & Rebekah
The girls attempting to attend the Provo temple during the reunion.

Making Pizzas. Owen's day camp this week had a cooking theme. Since their favorite show to watch is Barefoot Contessa, he loved it!
Making strawberry ice cream
Admiring BullwinkleBullwinkle & the beautiful wildflowers. On Alta's Cecret Lake Trail.My Mountain Girl

As I was pondering my week during the I am doing what we are taught to do, think of the Savior and his life and sacrifice and meaning in our own lives to repent upon, improve, and change for the better...I usually think how much I've gossiped and need to change, or how poorly I have treated my kids and need to improve my tone and methods, and other sins throughout the week, this week I honestly was pretty good. Not perfect or anything, but we had a fun happy week with not too much gossip, yelling, etc. Of course I have my moments and thank goodness for the lesson on idols of which I have many, oh, my bike envy, degree worship and concern, snowboarding, my husband's company car (just kidding, I do not idolize it in the least, oh that is kind of what we are talking about here huh, in the other way), etc. You've gotta love the opportunity we have to mess up, learn our lessons, repent and get back on track utilizing our Saviour's example and Heavenly Father's love of us, and His amazing parenting example. Enjoy our fun week in pictures. I guess it was our last week and a half where we saw dear friends the Jacksons, family reunion in Provo (which Owen announced today in Primary that we were moving there, untrue!), attempting to attend the temple (Andy actually made it to a session on Saturday), making pizza, Pe getting her bumbo, making ice cream, cutting H's hair (his idea, it will grow back!), swimming (thanks Josh and Katie), bike rides with Holden (to Park City Farm Trail on 7/11 Mom and H, we got the free slurpees after! and then the next day with Dad, Weston, & H), my great road bike ride up to the H (which turned into a mountain bike ride on my road bike, very fun and crazy), going on a hike and seeing Bullwinkle, a little too close, and Holden's awesome talk today in Primary on the family! Good times were had by all.


Trevlyn said...


Katie said...

I loved the lesson today and RS today - too and thought about where my 'treasure' is... it is good to come back down to earth... I need a temple trip...(not just a fake one!)

MarySue said...

I am soooo happy looking at the photos. Makes being an absentee grammy a little more tolerable. You are a beautiful family inside and out!! I too loved todays RS lesson on having no other gods before me. No matter our age we all stop and reevaluate, make course corrections and keep on keeping on. Loves.

Rachel said...

What a beautiful family! I am sad about H's hair, but glad it will grow back. And I love that you guys take such advantage of the places you live. You are awesome! Here's to another GREAT week (too funny because that is the title of my post today too:))

Kristen said...

okay darnit I am in YW's so no RS lesson for me. Annette are you trying to make me look bad? Homemade pizzas, temple attend, hikes, bikerides,WOW!! What have I been doing? Let's see...sleeping in, going to the pool, snacking, watching my kids watch TV and play on computer and fight...Summer is only half-over so I have a chance to make some changes, huh? Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Penelope! She really is so gorgeous!

I only "escaped" because my migraine meds were at home and I needed them. Otherwise, I would have stayed with you guys forever!

By the way, I have a surprise for you next time I'm up there.

*Hint* Ping Pong

Love you!