Sunday, December 02, 2007

Grateful Sunday

  1. Holden learned how to tie his shoe - all by himself. I don't know how he did it but yesterday he excitedly did it.
  2. Owen writing and re-writing his Santa letter 3 times. Thus really getting to learn how to write his letters and making it a little tougher for Santa.
  3. Andy ever encouraging and getting us out the door for church on Sunday mornings.
  4. Ocean's 13 for being awesome.
  5. Penelope taking a bottle. I have never had a "bottle" baby and I think it is the cutest thing! (She sucked down Amanda Jane's bottle this week, so I knew she loved it!) Yeah for weaning!
  6. I am grateful that not everyone on this great green Earth receive my parent's annual Christmas card (just half of them) which this year showcases the utter enormity of my upper chest in the first few months of nursing (much to my begging and pleading and threatenings not to publish the picture - I guess that's what parents do).
  7. The blue skies and snow capped trees that we woke up to this morning that is simply breathtaking.


Trevlyn said...

Your kiddos are the best and we miss them! They had fun playing "Where's H,O, and P" in your fam's Christmas card. It truly is the "Cadillac of Christmas Cards" and I ADORE it!!!!

susanstayner said...

We're grateful for you, Annette, and your honesty and forthrightness. Everyone loves the card, and not one person has mentioned what you were concerned about.

MarySue said...

I too look forward with eagerness for the Stayner Family Christmas card each year. Great admiration for it's grand nature and appreciation for being on the list and calling your folks friends. You're beautiful Annette in any picture.

Rachel said...

I've heard nothing of your concerns either. You look fabulous!

Tell P to give Isabel a call about weaning cause I don't think it is going to happen anytime soon.

PS--That picture of AK & P where she is all smiley is adorable. Love the chubby thighs and the twin Dad & daughter (like Ryan and Mia!)

Katie said...

Yeah for bottles! (not the one attached to us either!)

lauri said...

Can I just say I LOVE the Stayner Christmas card and look forward to receiving it every year! Don't divorce me and take me off the list because I would be very sad.
As far as the other thing goes...being rather large there myself I understand your concerns, but I can honestly say that when I looked at the picture of your cute family, that didn't even cross my mind. However, I WAS thinking how dang cute you guys are and how fast everyone grows up!

Christie K said...

How do we get on THE LIST?

JoJo &/or Bob said...

I love you! It is SNOWING here today (first day of snow here) and I am sooo excited!

And BTW, I think you are beautiful and your family pic in the card looks great!