Saturday, December 01, 2007

Happy December 1st

Happy Birthday Mia darling!

"Hey Holden, there's snow even covering the sidewalk."

The two boys proceeded to help each other clean their room (? totally without prompting, we were still feigning sleep), then proceed to put their snow clothes on. They were so excited to play, H even got O's snow clothes out of the car for him. They then proceeded to play in the snow for 45 minutes...all before 8:15 this morning.

What a great way to bring in the December holiday season!


Christie K said...

Our big snow storm is due to fit tomorrow. Can't wait.

MarySue said...

Just amazed at the boys room cleaning and helping before running out to play. Now that's exceptional. Great photo. If you live in snowy climes it's great to have a happy, snowy attitude. Well done.

Kathy said...

How fun!It's freezing here too, but know snow yet.

Brooke said...

Before 8:15 am? That's awesome! My kids were out early too. They had a blast. It was fun to watch Jonah, he loved it!