Saturday, December 01, 2007

Phoenix Trip Pictures

Montezuma Castle Ruins. This site is only about 45 minutes from Phoenix. We stopped on the way into town, it was our first trip. We had heard raves about it from our crazy Anthropology Professor (AK and I took some classes together, cheesy huh?). It was quite fascinating. The ruins have been "restored" from vandalism. The site has a beautiful river about 50 yards from the base of these dwellings, and a great clearing between where it is easy to envision maize crops growing. The picture above shows actual ruins of rooms within the "second" bigger dwelling.
Montezuma Castle

Can you be any cuter? Seriously.

Nally boys with the Turkey Vulture at the Phoenix Zoo.

H & O with their school's mascot - the bobcat (right between their heads, a little above, between the two "pole" looking branches). It was looking straight at us, very cool, but you can't see so much in the picture.

Saguaro Cactus slide. Only in Phoenix.

Owen breakfasting with his newly re-named buddy "Cactus" previously known as "Tex" nestled under his arm.


Christie K said...

All the pictures are just great. I just love the one of P and her dad. Too Cute!

MarySue said...

I'm extra happy when I see grands photos. Big smile here.