Sunday, January 13, 2008

Early Grateful Sunday

Sledding Trip pictures from a few weeks ago, but totally worth revisiting!

W & H; the jump

H & H;Classic Pre-Jump
O Sledding
The Daddy of All Trains
The Hottest Scone Maker (& Sledding Picture Taker) EVER! Seriously.

Grateful Sunday Bit
  1. That my parents took me skiing when I was a kid. They even dropped us in lessons, at Deer Valley for heaven's sake. I can totally remember my first "pies". I loved and remember fondly our Easter vacations up there skiing the groomers with my sisters and bombing straight down hills. The sport enable me to even ski "locally" at Big Bear with best friends Ami F., Lorian, Dani F., & even Austin (a very memorable Weir suburban sliding off a mountain trip). And to Mammoth with the Schweickerts. And now has provided me with one of my proudest Mommy days (when H took his first lesson at Alta) & continuing outdoor adventures. I remember skiing in powder with AK at Powder Mountain way back in the day ('96) and officially decided to convert to snowboarding after watching him float through the powder. I still have and ride (to my utter disdain) the board bought in '97, but the boots have been replaced (although I wore them yesterday sledding!). To learn, AK took me to the top of the Tram and basically said "Go!". I guess it worked. So thanks M & D for all those fun and memorable ski trips.
  2. Snow, snow and more snow. Now that I've had a day of sunshine, I think I would prefer our luck of more snow rather than winter inversion any day.
  3. H's new drive to do his chores for tickets! I don't exactly know what he's after but his bed is made, his room is clean, and he's a non-stop helping machine. And he got earned his Orange belt in Tae Kwon Do yesterday (and a black stripe to boot for rocking the test!).
  4. O's freckles and overall charm and happy disposition.
  5. P's goodbye and hello waves and her second Mommy way of chewing out the boys. For totally loving dogs (one bigger dog loved her so much it placed it's tennis ball right in her lap, for her to throw!) and loving her first sledding day (she didn't exactly go down any hills, just pulling her across Bonneville in H's lap).
  6. AK for totally upping me on "How To Get a Line Cutter to the Back of the Line".


Katie said...

Those pictures are sooooo... awesome! They look like midgets?!@ Let's go this week...

Rachel said...

I love you.

And I want to see pictures of P.

Liz said...

Yeah, I think Andy totally upped you. Ha ha ha.

Lauri said...

Those sledding pics are PRICELESS! You and Andy are such FUN parents! I love reading about your boys. It takes me back to when mine were younger.

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Caitlin said...

Oh what fun! I love the boys expressions in those sledding pictures, pure excitment! It occured to me the other day that P and AJ are almost one. Scary how time flies! It was fun to run into you at Target!

Megan said...

Where's MY scone????

Trevlyn said...

Really amazing pictures!!! We can't wait to get in on the fun! Hope the Scone Maker is still in business!